Creating Advanced Healthcare Software Solutions through AI and VR Integration

Transforming Patient Experiences with AI and Virtual
Reality-Driven Innovations in Digital Health


Enhance customer experience using innovative and disruptive technologies.

  • Data Driven Insights
  • Strategic Outsourcing
  • Cloud migration
  • AI and Automation
  • System Integration
  • Customer Experience

Healthcare Payers

Next-generation solutions empowering Payers to increase member satisfaction.

  • Agile Development
  • Application Support 24×7
  • Legacy Modernization/Upgrades
  • Data & Insights
  • Connected Solutions
  • AI/RPA/Automation
  • Cloud Services
  • Member/Enrollment/Benefits Portals
  • Claims Processing & Adjudication
  • Provider Data Mgmt & Credentialing
  • Billing & Reconciliation

Healthcare Provider

Innovative value-driven solutions for Healthcare providers

  • Data Integration
  • System Integration
  • Application Development, Support and Maintenance
  • Claims Assessment
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Quality Assurance
  • AI and Analytics
  • Intelligent Process Automation

Healthcare Technology

Automate healthcare processes and Improve CSAT using AI and data driven solutions

  • Technology Platform – Full Stack Development, DevSecOps, Continuous Testing
  • Implementation and Support Services
  • Professional Services
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Data & Analytics Solutions
  • Cloud Migration

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Enhanced Experience

In the age of digital innovation,
ARKA is at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare

We help our clients meet the essential expectations that every person has of the healthcare system: access, experience and outcomes.

Improving the public insurance experience

Address Your Members’ Specific Needs Effectively. Leverage ARKAS’ Co-Platform to Enhance User Engagement, Assist Your Agents, and Foster Meaningful Connections with Healthcare Providers.

Make Informed Healthcare Choices with Certainty

Explore Transformative Solutions Enhancing Health Outcomes for Diverse Healthcare Stakeholders, Spanning Individuals to Global Entities.

360 degrees telemedicine solution at your fingertips

Utilize Our All-Encompassing Unified Environment, Powered by the ARKAS’ Platform, Enabling Seamless Collaboration Between Patients and Physicians for Enhanced and Expedited Care Delivery.

Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

Unifying System Seamlessly Connects All Digital Resources Throughout Patients’ Care Journey, Encompassing Various Diseases, Procedures, and Service Lines.

Pioneering Excellence in Healthcare Data and Analytics Solutions

Enhance Care Accessibility, Swiftly Address Patient Requirements, and Boost Operational Efficiency while Effectively Managing Healthcare System Costs through Technology-Driven Solutions

Health App DevelopmentSee offerings
Health App DevelopmentCreating and developing mobile applications that offer health tracking, remote consultations, medication reminders, symptom analysis, and more.Talk to us
Wearable Device IntegrationSee offerings
Wearable Device IntegrationDesigning systems that allow data from wearable health devices (fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc.) to be seamlessly integrated into patients' digital health profiles.Talk to us
Healthcare AI SolutionsSee offerings
Healthcare AI SolutionsIncorporating artificial intelligence to assist with tasks like medical diagnosis, patient risk assessment, and treatment recommendations.Talk to us
Telemedicine SolutionsSee offerings
Telemedicine SolutionsOffering platforms for virtual doctor-patient consultations, complete with secure video conferencing, prescription services, and patient data integration.Talk to us
Remote Monitoring SystemsSee offerings
Remote Monitoring SystemsProviding tools for real-time monitoring of patients' health conditions through devices and sensors, transmitting data to healthcare professionals for analysis.Talk to us
Experience the Arka AdvantageSee offerings
Experience the Arka AdvantageArka's Managed Application Services offer more than just operational excellence – they deliver peace of mind. With our experienced team handling your applications, you can rest assured that your technology is in capable hands, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: building a successful business.Talk to us
EHR IntegrationSee offerings
Electronic Health Record (EHR) IntegrationDeveloping software that connects healthcare providers and patients with secure access to medical records, test results, and treatment plans.Talk to us
Data Analytics and InsightsSee offerings
Data Analytics and InsightsOffering services that process and analyze health data to provide insights, trends, and recommendations for both patients and medical professionals.Talk to us
Health and Wellness PlatformsSee offerings
Health and Wellness PlatformsDeveloping platforms that combine fitness, nutrition, mental health support, and community engagement for a holistic approach to well-being.Talk to us

Niche Areas of Healthcare We Cater To

On a global scale, healthcare enterprises, encompassing providers and payers alike, are in a perpetual pursuit of achieving three fundamental goals: Enhancing the patient care journey, optimizing health results, and curbing healthcare expenses, all through the guidance of healthcare consulting.

Innovative solutions for digital health

Streamline Processes, Elevate Quality, and Empower Physicians to Focus on Their Core Mission — Providing Unrivaled Patient Care.

Operational transformation in healthcare

Insights from ARKAS’ Visionary, Dr. Revathi: Navigating Healthcare Organizations’ Transformation for Enhanced and Delightful Consumer Journeys.

Reimagine the future of healthcare with cloud

“Converging in the Metaverse: The Interplay of Technology and Experience Reshaping the Healthcare Landscape.”

Digital innovation and employee experience

“Converging in the Metaverse: The Interplay of Technology and Experience Reshaping the Healthcare Landscape.”

Transforming Healthcare with Our Comprehensive Digital Health Ecosystem

With a focus on enhancing health outcomes at its core, healthcare institutions are dedicated to achieving a harmonious balance between cost reduction, operational effectiveness, and the provision of quality care. Yet, in order to successfully attain these three objectives, it becomes crucial for healthcare establishments to confront the inherent difficulties that arise from the gradual, unstructured growth of their technology systems over time.

The challenges within the realm of healthcare consulting also encompass the imperative of integrating divergent systems, processes, and personnel. This requires optimizing interaction points and touchpoints to establish fluid communication across various stakeholders, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Digital health

Pioneering Revolutionary Digital Health Strategies to Radically Transform the Healthcare Experience.

Health experience

Centering People Through Insights, Technologies, and Initiatives.

Revolutionizing Operations

Equipping Your Healthcare Institution to Navigate Disruptions, Today and Beyond.

Elevating Healthcare Security

Bolstering Cyber Resilience Across Every Aspect of Your Healthcare Enterprise.

High-impact healthcare consulting

Empowering Healthcare Enterprises with High-Impact Consulting, Instilling an Agile Mindset for Future-Ready Care Delivered at Life’s Pace.

Cloud Revolutionizing Healthcare

A Cornerstone for the Future, Streamlining Operations, Fostering Innovation, and Enhancing Care.

Telemedicine and Remote Healthcare

The integration of telemedicine allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals remotely, enabling greater accessibility, especially for individuals in remote or underserved areas. This approach can lead to faster diagnoses, reduced travel time and costs, and increased efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

AI can aid in diagnosing diseases, predicting outbreaks, and personalizing treatment plans. Machine learning algorithms can analyze massive amounts of patient data to identify patterns and correlations that might not be apparent to human doctors, leading to more accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Advances in genomics have opened up the possibility of tailoring medical treatments to an individual’s genetic makeup. This can lead to more effective treatments with fewer side effects, as well as more accurate disease risk assessments.

IoT and Wearable Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) devices and wearable technology can monitor patients’ health in real time, providing continuous data to healthcare providers. This can help in early detection of health issues and tracking the effectiveness of treatments.

Blockchain for Healthcare Data Security

Blockchain technology can enhance the security and privacy of patient data. It provides a transparent and immutable way to store medical records, ensuring that patients have control over who accesses their information.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR technologies can be used for medical training, patient education, and even surgical procedures. Surgeons can practice complex procedures in a virtual environment before performing them on patients.

Robotics and Automation

Robotic technology can assist surgeons during procedures, leading to greater precision and reduced invasiveness. Robots can also automate repetitive tasks in healthcare settings, freeing up medical professionals to focus on more complex tasks.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Advanced technologies enable earlier disease detection, more accurate diagnoses, and personalized treatment plans. This leads to better patient outcomes, increased survival rates, and improved quality of life.

Enhanced Access to Healthcare

Telemedicine and remote healthcare solutions break down geographical barriers, making healthcare services more accessible to individuals in rural or underserved areas. Patients can receive consultations, prescriptions, and monitoring without the need to travel long distances.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Automation of administrative tasks, electronic health records, and digital communication between healthcare providers streamline processes, reducing paperwork and administrative overhead. This improves operational efficiency and reduces costs for both providers and patients.

Preventive Care and Early Intervention

Data analytics and predictive modeling can identify health trends and risks in populations, allowing for targeted interventions and preventive measures. This can lead to a reduction in the prevalence of chronic diseases and lower healthcare costs over time.

Manage applications on IBM Cloud

Manage applications on IBM Cloud and use IBM Cloud Satellite to deploy and run apps consistently across environments.

Adobe Cloud services

Gain flexibility to host, access and leverage customer data in the environment of your choice.

Amazon Web Services cloud services

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Hyperscale your journey with Azure

Fast-track your hybrid cloud transformation to Microsoft Azure with security and confidence.

SAP cloud-managed services

Reduce costs and increase agility with cloud-managed services for SAP applications.

Innovative Oracle Cloud services

Optimized managed service for Oracle that embeds innovation through automation.

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