QA and Digital Assurance Services

A reliable, scalable, secure, and high performing test execution to empower development teams to accelerate their release cycles.


reduction in time to value for new digital services and products


cost savings and up to 40% reductions in automation setup cost


Improvement in User Load Scalability

Deliver faster, better and more cost-effective solutions with our end-to-end application testing services.

Assuring your brand stands out in the market requires innovative services, a meaningful customer experience and rapid speed to market. High-quality technology solutions enable seamless services across multiple channels. Poor-quality applications and services quickly tarnish brands and reputations. To achieve the best quality — quickly, at scale and at a reasonable cost — you need modern testing expertise.

Strategic AssessmentOur expert QA engineers assess your project's unique requirements to determine the most suitable areas for automation, ensuring optimal ROI.
CI IntegrationWe seamlessly integrate automated testing into your CI/CD pipeline, fostering rapid, reliable releases.
Tool SelectionWe leverage cutting-edge automation tools, selecting the right ones for your project's technology stack and testing needs.
Regression TestingOur automation ensures swift and comprehensive regression testing, preventing unintended regressions and saving valuable time.
Script DevelopmentOur skilled team creates robust and maintainable automated test scripts, covering diverse scenarios and functionalities.
Performance and Load TestingWe employ automation to simulate real-world user loads, uncovering performance bottlenecks before they affect users.

Deep integrations mean deeper insights

Our detailed reports provide actionable insights, empowering your team to make informed decisions for software enhancements

What makes us the best

Arka understands that one size does not fit all. Our QA Automation Services are customizable
to match your project’s intricacies and goals, ensuring a tailored solution that
perfectly aligns with your needs.

Accelerated Time-to-Market
Consistency and Precision
Enhanced Test Coverage
Cost Efficiency
Focus on Innovation
Intuitive Test Case ManagementDesign your test processes with reusable test cases organized in folders within a central repository.
Flexible Test PlansBuild and collaborate on agile or waterfall test cycles within test runs, plans, and milestones
Fast Test ExecutionEffortlessly record test results across different versions and environments, add screenshots and attachments, and generate defect reports

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